Messages of Inspirational Stories is a “LIVE” TV Show on e360tv that broadcast live Monday thru Friday at 4:00 PM ET – 1:00 PM PT.  Each week our show delivers a “Theme Week” for our topic.  Our themes are designed to reach out to a wider audience interested in that week’s topic.  A TV Show dedicated to providing Info-Tainment at its best!!  Each week, we cover a New Theme sharing information pertinent to our audience on issues of interest in our changing world. For our “LIVE” Broadcast on Facebook: To watch our recorded shows on YouTube:

Meet Your Hosts:

Jim Grant

Jim Grant Jim is the founder and Producer and Host of “Messages of Inspirational Stories” on e360tv. He has over 6 million downloads of his radio show “Your Future Is Now” on TogiNet Radio.  His podcasts are available on all of the major podcast platforms. He is a professional “Presentainer” with over 25 years of speaking experience and a former certified US Army Instructor.  He founded and owned a manufacturing business that earned a ‘preferred vendor’ status with many Fortune 500 Companies.  After 31 years, (3 Active Duty and 28 Reserves), he is a retired US Army Master Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran.

Donna GuinouardDonna Guinouard

Donna is a Producer and Host of “Messages of Inspirational Stories” on e360tv.  In addition, she is the creator of “High ENERGY Performance”. She is a speaker, author, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, and representative of a world-class health and wellness company. Leveraging the power of her own story, Donna is able to inspire, encourage, and empower others to live a life of passion, freedom, and health on their own terms. Her coaching and consulting strategies have been able to influence and transform the lives of many who never thought it was possible. Visit Donna at


Mikayla VidalMikayla Vidal

Mikayla is our Host and Administrator on “Messages of Inspirational Stories” on e360tv.  Mikayla and her husband Rueben are the proud parents of 6 children!!  In addition to being a busy Mom, she handles all of our social media posts and blogs.


Gaia Guinouard-Balconi-Weida

Gaia is our Editor in Chief of Messages of Inspirational Stories magazine, HomeTown Good News. She is an oil painter specializing in abstract expressionist works and is also a full stack web developer, making web applications.


            Emerson Brantley 

Emmerson is the Director of Marketing for Messages of Inspirational Stories. He is also a master Marketing Strategist and Compelling Copywriter,  Emmerson Brantley has masterminded thousands of successful print, mail, email, online, and broadcast campaigns for his national and international clients. His copyrighted Embrace Your Market!  system has helped thousands of businesses of all sizes reach the exact customers they want at a fraction of the cost, uncertainty and stress of traditional marketing.  Although the founder of Embrace Your Market! is best known as creator of the longest-running profitable lead-generating infomercial ever aired, the “Cash Flow Generator” his extensive career in marketing, sales and business growth span 35-years and over 8600 campaigns. The hugely successful CFG infomercial ran over 14 years, first for investor trainer Success Development Interational (generating millions in sales nationwide, three years of 1500% growth, two Inc. 500 listings, a successful merger and a 132,000,000-euro IPO) and later by Whitney information Network, Inc. (OTCBB:RUSS). This one program is credited with creating 6.8 million and 60,00 new customers in its first six months, with tens of millions of dollars of ongoing revenues reported in the SEC filings.  In 2011, with only five days’ notice, his first campaign for brain training expert John Assaraf (featured in the movie “The Secret”) completely shut down the company’s servers. When 2200 attendees packed the rescheduled webinar, 1668 took the trial offer and 15% bought the $997 package, solely from the email messaging and scripts Emerson created.


Charlene Fouts 

Charlene is a host and Social Media coordinator for Messages of Inspirational Stories. In the airline industry, Charlene has many years of experience as a flight attendant working her way up to supervising and training other flight attendants. Charlene has counseled people suffering and scarred from abuse. Reflecting back on her own life experiences in suffering from multiple areas of abuse; this inspired Charlene to be the catalyst to create “Healing Acres Never Again.” Commonly referred to as ‘HANA’, this nonprofit exists to restore lives of people who have been scarred by sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest, rape, and abortion by providing support, mentoring, and guidance in a Christ centered environment.